First Date: To Pay or Not To Pay?

I know I know. Dating in this century can be a little trickier than before. Does a guy has to pay for the first date? Well, everyone has there own point to bring across, so let me lay down a few more generic options to a date who-is-paying :

  • YES, he is a guy, he asked me out, so YES he should certainly pay for it!
  • No, we live in a gender equality world, we each should pay our own, and not depend on the man to do the paying.
  • Anything, we can just play by the ear.

I am number 3.

We can just see how it goes, I don’t mind paying my own, I am okay with the guy paying too. Come on, first date, yes, impressions are very important. But did you have to worry so much as to who is paying? If that’s all you care then well, the date isn’t important. Isn’t it.

In my case, this is how I analyse it. A guy need not have to pay to be termed as a gentleman. Being a gentleman is having actions that care for the lady’s safety, concern about her feelings, tactful to her emotions. So that’s how a gentleman should behave. Not monetary.

Some may debate. “No! It’s not about the money. It is the time I have taken out to spend with him. If he is not going to pay, then he isn’t scoring a second date, because that meant the meal money is not even worthy to the lady in comparison.” Well, that’s your old fashion thinking. So here’s mine:

You ate a course, he ate one too. You took time to meet him, he took the time to meet you too. You made an effort to dress up, to know him, so did he. So it’s a idiot proof answer to why we are splitting the bill. Isn’t it?

So let’s all be civilized people, offer to split the bill, and not judge the guy anyway if he agrees. A second date should not be judged base on if he offers and insisted to pay for it.

xoxo, D


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