Dangers Of Social Media: The Public Shaming

I think the fact that Internet has been so easily accessible to people, everyone is on it. It’s like a plague. Everyone HAS to be on it. The social media: Sounds a lot like fun, but poison slash toxic too. And something I’ve noticed would be the amount of shaming on the net is insane. Everyday you can see someone becoming a lawyer, doing an expose and trends.

That crazy psychotic stalking ex girlfriend, the money owing best friend, (or used to be), or that cheating ex boyfriend. Everything you want people to feel humiliated, post it online.

And that’s what they call it, the Exposé

Question is: Are all these necessary? Because of this expose, there’s always 3 sides of story. Well, the self proclaimed victim, the accused party and the eye burning truth.

So what’s the whole point of this humiliation taken to the online platform? To see who speaks louder? More sympathy? Boy cot against them?

As technology advances, more expose arise, more platforms to share and humiliate. Well, no one has bother to hear 2 sides of story, I mean at least you’ve head the proclaimed victim story, but not the accused I suppose? So who are you to judge?

No one has and ever will have the authority to comment a relationship gone wrong, except if it comes to mental and physical torment, then go to the court. The netizens are not going to help you take her/him down. And that no one can comment because, it’s THEIR relationship! (Duh?) So don’t encourage Cyber Humiliation.

Stop Today. Start with you.


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