Different Kind of Girls

In the world, there are a lot of different girls in the world and they are mostly just the same few same few. Or rather I tend to categorize them in my head. Well, I swear I am not laughing at anyone in my mind. 🙂

There are kinds of people I haven’t met but here’s a list of people whom I sort of think they fall into different categories.

Perfect Girl

The girl who is everyone’s dream girl. The girl with no bad hair day, no temper and it’s just so cute when she whines.

I mean everyone knows such a person right? She does not know everything but even when she look stupid, she look so effortlessly elegant. She can do the party all night and still go to work fabulous, wherever she goes, she turn everyone’s head. The girl where all your guy friends are interested in.

Boyish Girl

This is the I-know-everything-girl. (Except for makeup) This girl is even better. All her friends are guys, and all the girls swoon over how easily she can strike up a conversation with all the hotties.

She don’t make up but she look so hot even when sweating. (Even most girls have a girl-crush on her!) She is everyone’s go to girl, for both gender. To find information on either gender, because she speaks very freely with everyone and has great affinity. You can’t find fault with this girl too.


The Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Well, it sounds awful. But this exist. There’s even a movie on it. But well, in the movie it shows that the girl need not be ugly. But there’s always this girl that people go to advice to. The boys need her to hook them up on their pretty girlfriends within their clique. And within this clique, the other girls need DUFF to help hook them up with the right kind of boys.

Well, it starts to sound a lot like a wing woman and it is. They help bring the right boys to the right girl. She is the door to her best friend. Get through her and you would have a smooth sailing journey.

Well, I am just posting and ranting a few girls I have known of. They are all cool people. Next time I will be posting the different kind of mean girls. Watch out for this space! Till then.



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