Annoying Commuters (2)

Back onto the annoying commutes.

Well I mean, now is the hot topic since the MRT collided in Singapore. Like seriously what are the chances. I mean I am super blessed to have such great public transport in here while some other countries must wait on bus since forever.
On this little red dot, we tend to jack up the prices of private cars as they strongly don’t encourage people to drive on the road due to congestion and shit. The number of ways they try preventing the increase of car ownership in Singapore is frigging insane. The COE, the season parking (means you have to pay while parking at your own house), the parking fees in Singapore shopping malls is cray cray and did I mention the tolls on the highway, our highway does not stretch out into other cities like other countries do. So technically paying the toll is total bullshit.

So okay, leave the ranting of cars to the other post while let’s focus on the commutes.

1. Hoarder at the entrance
The pain the in the ass begins to digs their ezlink cards at the gantry of the entrance. Ermmmagawdddd. They hoard the entrance just to find their cards which they didn’t have the courtesy to take it out before hand and just swiftly tap it in?

In case you didn’t know. Back in the 2000s, our bus card wasn’t just tap and go, now it has advanced to ensure the process isn’t stuck. Oh wells.

2. The Pole Dance
You know how trains have installed poles for people to hold on so they would not fall while the train is moving? But there are just people who aspire to be a pole dancer so much they just HAVE TO lean on the poles. Ugh.

I am not exactly tall, therefore the hand grips are usually a challenge for me to hold them therefore the only way to stand stable without having to re-entact the matrix scene was the poles. But there are just a punch of selfish people who likes to lean on it as if they owned it and they wouldn’t share it with you. Sharing is caring yo.

3. I-Deserve-The-Reserve-Seats
These people who think they have a strand of white hair and deserves the reserved seats? Screw you. Well, I must admit I tend to prefer sitting on the corner seats as it is close to the door. On the other hand, I could give up the seat to really those in need. But I sincerely hate that kind of people who think that reserved seats are a form of entitlement as long as you’re older than me. NO. It doesn’t work that way. Not under my watch.

Well, thats all for now folks. Till then …
Bear with my rants.



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