While you were young …

Sometimes people always say, do it while you were young …

But really when you are young, powerless or broke, what the hell can you actually do? The answer is nothing much.
Well, I am 26 this year (and the year is ending soon), and I have a lot of things I have not done and sort of regretted not doing, and people were like you’re still young, go ahead.

But with so much commitments and shit what can you actually do?!


So here’s a list of things you should really try doing, which are really cheap and crazy:

  1. Go for that crazy roller coaster ride you have not try. (This is Singapore, you won’t die.)
  2. Dye your hair in so many different colours and enjoy the people judging you with that weird hair colour!
  3. Take weird #OOTD , take a pic wherever whenever you want. Cause #YOLO . No frigging human is going to remember that you were that particular passerby who tried to take a pic with your finger stuck up your nose.
  4. Cry as loud as you want when you’re hurting. No time for any nonsense, when you hurt just cry and not feel bad and sober-ish on your own.
  5. Make as much friends as you can. Doesn’t matter if the friendship last or not. You’re young remember. With friends, it’s like having an army. 😉

I know, I know. The list looks something ridiculously simple. But do you know. It’s really these simple things that actually matter?

On the side note if you wanna do something crazy, here’s some stuff I did, (with a little more $$ ka-ching):

  1. Do a solo trip to somewhere near.
  2. Get a tattoo.
  3. Get a weird piercing somewhere. (Sexy only pleaseeeee.)
  4. Make an impromptu decision to do something: Like I want to go paint something now.
  5. Get drunk, real drunk where you don’t really remember what happened that night. (Dont bring too much cash on yourself ok! HAHAH)

So here’s a shit load of weird stuff you can do! Go ahead and tick them all up. 😉


Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels


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