Why? (My Weakness)

Well, everyone has their own weakness, mine is no exception. So here’s mine: I have a weakness for damaged people. (I blame my horoscope, I know people say don’t blame your horoscope for being a bitch. Oh well.)

I am a Cancerian, so I have the tendency to want to help people get out of their troubled phase. I want to be there. On the other hand, I know how terrible it is to go through something on your own. I want to be there, you don’t have to tell me or share your troubles and woes. But just know whenever you need someone in your life to be there, I want to be there and pick you up.

Ya I know, people say, don’t be there for people who are not appreciative of you. But I believe no one should go through their darkest times alone. I have been there done that. I mean I have very supportive friends. Not that I am always alone. Therefore I totally know the feeling to have someone which makes things easier. Really. So everyone out there battling their issues alone! Just know anything you can always contact me.

I am more than willing to listen to your troubles or not listen to your troubles, just someone to be there for you. I am here.

Contact me here. Leave a message, a comment or whatsoever.

xoxo. D


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