Types of Annoying Commuters (General)

In Singapore, it’s never cheap to afford a car. And if you come from an average income family, you most probably take more public transport than you sit in the car. Well for me, I honestly do not come from a well off family, lazy to get license, not rich enough to afford own car. Therefore the conclusion, I take a lot of public transport.

So here’s the few types of commuters I always notice.

The Plugged In

Earphones in, World’s out. People who tend to be sucked into the world of music and enjoy the music, that is totally great. I mean I listen to songs to make sure my journey isn’t some kids screaming like it’s a zombie apocalypse episode.

BUT! Please keep the music to yourself. I know the phrase, ” Sharing is caring. ” But certainly not in this case yo!

So please don’t do that.

Big Bags

To all commuters who always carry big bags. I mean you know for sure that you have a huge bag isn’t it. Then for god sake, please put down your bag, so I don’t have to make sure when you turn slightly your bag won’t kiss my face violently. alright?

And it brings me to the next point.

The Long Haired Commuter

Please note that if your hair is long, do not. I repeat DO NOT swing them as you please because it itches the fuck out of me. Either that or it just slaps me countless times. I get it. You shampoo-ed your hair this morning and I didn’t and I smell like shit and you smell fresh our from the garden. But I am sure I did not have to eat fresh grass. Right?

Here’s top 3 for generic. I will be posting the ones standing and sitting annoying commuters. Let’s be gracious and make sure we don’t annoy people on the way while having a pleasant journey peeps.



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