So some things we say unknowingly might have cause some unexpected consequences. Well, let me tell you how.

The other day I was at a family gathering. My aunt brought a few pairs of jeans for my sister as she is relatively small size, and it’s always a chore to find fitting jeans. So she tried them on.

Well on that, one of the family members mentioned: “Why can’t your daughter have them? Is she fat or something?”

At that point of time, I froze and corrected the person. Do not say she is fat or anything because she is still in her teenage life and might take it the wrong way and change the way she look just because of a comment that came out not the way it meant.

Apply this legit rule,: Before you make any comments, think about it 3 seconds before you speak them out.

3 seconds rule.

This is very important, think in your head if this might end up unintentionally hurt someone. Because for me, I learnt the hard way. (As mentioned previously the war I had with food.)

So I personally feel, that everyone should watch what they say, especially to young teenagers where they have yet to learn how to handle the stress or unintentional insults.

Here’s to wishing everyone in the way is comfortable under their own skin and love themselves. You never know who is fighting the battles within them alone. Stay kind.

Cheers! xo, D


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