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The Girl Who FIX things; You

A: Hey, I need your help.
B: Yea? Anything for you.
A: I need this to be fixed. Now.
B: Done.

Well, I am usually the B. Well known to fix things, I am often the speed dial of many whenever they are in trouble, but, really. Give me a reason to help everyone.

So here you can get to read: 10 Reasons The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With A Girl Who Likes To ‘Fix’ People

I don’t ever want to be there for people who aren’t interested in being in mine. Because this only kills me bit by bit and my energy drained. But when I fall, no one is there. Those who pledged to be there aren’t there.

Yes I know I know, helping someone should never be about getting back reciprocate. But if I have been hurt for trying to be there for someone, why should I? All the time, I am always there for everyone, but whenever I look back I felt that empty pang in my heart.

But here are the benefits that aren’t covered in that article above or I am just gonna simplify:

1.She have seen damaged and she will do damage, and till you stand on both your feet.

The face that she have seen things, she understands that blaming someone for the problem has arise does not fix things, instead she find the quickest solution and most suited for the the situation and get it over and done with.

2.She don’t burden you

The fact she know that being a burden is the worse kind of team player, she works even harder to be a better person every single day, she competes with herself till where she is right now to ensure she will never bring or drag anyone down.

3.She is a cheerleader

When you say NO, she says Yes, and show you how it works. The fact that she accepts everyone’s imperfection and flaws. Because she had battled with herself each day to accept she is flawed, she knows how it is like to feel flawed. She helps you accept and embrace yours. Helping you grow to be a better person in the days to come unknowingly.

But remember, there’s always pros and cons to something. Well for a girl like this, she can be intimidating at times, and the fact that she is constantly trying, you must ensure as her partner, you give her space to shine on her own.

There is not need to outshine her as she will always try harder. It’s in-built her after years and years of honing. Don’t stop her from shining, let her be. And you can enjoy walking in the sunlight with her.

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