How To Be Single

Inspired from the movie as you can see from my featured image.

I know healing yourself from the break up is bad enough, how to try and get used to being single and independent all the time?!

So how to exactly be single? I’d say, welcome to the party, just like it’s sub caption says. And it totally depends on how we embrace it, isn’t it?

Embracing with my both arms. I took a little more than I should have. I slowly embraced the fact that I am single, that I am independent, carefree, and I will only have myself. (Friends can only do so much). Due to the fact I was attached for 5 freaking years, I took a long time to get used to it, the fact that no one holds my hand while crossing the road, no one splitting his food half with me etc etc. But I learnt the movie, don’t jump into the next relationship if you’re just looking for a companion.

I learn that the fact if you are damaged, you are, just owned it, work on yourself. Jumping right into the next relationship only made sure you will damage yourself more if it doesn’t turn out well. Or on the other hand, you are just being unfair to your partner. Because somehow you are making use of them to get over your ex. This is just pure stupid.

Most of us lost the identity when you lost the partner of your life (or so you thought). So slowly, take the time to find what you like to do alone and not. And enjoy the littlest things on Earth, just like me. Be gracious while you’re at it.

Or be evil and plot something. (Nothing illegal pleaseeeee)




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