Choosing Your Friends Wisely

I know choosing your friends does not comes with a manual on who to trust and who not to. Just like our lives. But sometimes we hurt so much especially we thought we could be BFF(s) forever. But sometimes it turns out to have ended our friendship even without arguments. Isn’t it?

Well, for the number of years I have been making friends, and yes. They come and go. Quite often actually. An example: you make about 100 friends, they are all nice, so after the “come and go part”, you might be left with 30 of them. Then those who stayed, you often quarrel like a bazillion times. So within this 30, after you can’t get along, then you are left about 15. Within this 15 people, there are people whom judge you a lot of your mistakes and actions, then you are left about 7 of them. So is 7 enough?

A lot of people envy Blair and Serena’s friendship from Gossip Girl. I don’t really like it? Cause there was loads of backstabbing before they finally grew up. But it pretty much depicts some of the people in your life isn’t it?

I have had enough of backstabbing, minus the boy drama cause my legit rule is never to let boy drama get in between the girl friendships. It is just pure stu*** to do something like that. Your girlfriends are god way of giving us another sister.

Well, for me, 7 is more than enough. Lesser you have. The lesser drama you have to face. Isn’t that true? I know this post has a lot of isn’t it as I am sure that I have been there, done that, just want to reassure myself that I haven’t done anything so bad or wrong.



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