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The Self Worth

Often we found ourselves being unable to love who we really are, who we enjoy being. I mean I find myself hating myself 80% of the time, especially when I was going through a dwindling stage. I hated myself so much I asked myself constantly what happened, what did I do so wrong.

But I have had help to help me understand how kind of a person I am too, while losing the side of being unable to love myself, I slowly understood my Self Worth. I learnt the way to accept who I am and I will be under construction to grow to become a person who love myself more than anyone else could.

Always remind yourself how great you have been walking out of the bad situations you have been. Don’t just think of the terrible things you have done. (Just do them later). Learn to see the good in yourself, wherever you are lack of, work harder to fulfill them, don’t stop for anyone. People who love you will never drag you behind, and instead be proud of what you can do and what you are doing to change yourself for better.

Be that kind of person who never stops no matter what breaks or wears you down. Because you only deserve to answer to yourself, it will never be other people issues or problems.

Till then my bitches, xoxo.

Feature Image: Designed by Freepik


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