Bro Code

Yes yes, I am a girl, so what do I ever know about bro code.

Just to justify, I think I hung out with more boys than girls for a reason, I absolutely sing praises for the bro codes they have had. I am not saying girls are no brainers when it comes to this, but it’s not in our blood to know and understand this.

And the fact that the quote:

Bros before hoes.

Came from somewhere? I am utterly hands down to guys who are people like that. I mean, okay girls all get a little flirty and hand-sy on people sometimes if they are good looking and that can’t be helped I supposed. I mean of course I have seen some asshole guys being all over someone elses girl. okay okay, what am I exactly trying to hit at.

Most girls I know do not have the decency to understand what is Bro Code and by that, what is bro code, let me explain. (Or you can just google it)

  1. Do not hit on your bro’s girl or anyone that he have brought to meet you guys.
  2. When your bro’s girl ask you about your bro, you only sing praises and not stab him in the back and say all the embarrassing matters that happened.
  3. Always have respect for your bro, don’t say shit about him. And vice versa, don’t say shit about your bro’s girl to your bro. Not cool. NOT.

I know it doesn’t sound very hard to follow isn’t it? But let me tell you. Out of 10 girls I know, only 2 of them have the actual decency to have the basic bro code. Honest scouts’ honor.

So, self reflect girls, are you guilty as charged for just the 3 basic rules I have mentioned?


Vintage vector created by Balasoiu –


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