2017 Resolution

Every new year, we have that cliche writing out our new year’s resolution, well, I have a few this year. In which I would like to urge everyone to set your own sets of new year resolution and make sure you achieve when you review it on 31st Dec. To ensure you have ensure you improve yourself personally.

Well, here’s some I would strongly urge you to have in your list:

Get rid of bullshit.

People who don’t deserve you, you have to get rid of them, as soon as possible. It is unhealthy to keep people whom could never do the same for you, think it as selfish. But I think this is protecting yourself.

Set personal goals

Like for myself, I want to travel, so I set my own goals to ensure that I can get to places. Well I have plans but I think this is something everyone should have for themselves. Personal goals like thinking what they want to do and improve.

Stay Healthy

Everyone please stay healthy and make loads of love.



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