Social Media Ladder

I think Social Fame is being very overrated, I know the contradicting part is here I am blogging trying to gain fame as well. Okay, this is quite a sensitive topic. I mean seriously the whole world is on the social media and gaining fame. Sometimes, poor thing, kena harass and hurled with unnecessary insults.

But hey good job to every social media influencer. To be honest, I am like kudos to them, as they have a public image to uphold. Because it isn’t easy. They might not earn as much as those on the big screens, but their work is done from the scratch on their own. But why is the hype that everyone want to be on top of the Social Media Ladder?

But on the other hand, there are very great influencers whom have brought positive light into many people’s life. And this are all the positive impacts. But yet. There are so addiction to this.

What I am trying to say is that, the LIKES don’t count, the SHARES don’t count, unless you are doing it as your full time job. There is no need to post a picture of your cleavage of abs if you don’t want to. But if you want to, go ahead, it’s your feed anyway. You don’t have to explain to anyone why you want to show your assets, to be honest. Flaunt it if you want to. Be confident.

The Social Ladder is not as important to many of us, why so, how so. Like for me, I enjoy the likes, (honestly who doesn’t) but.. I never ever feel depressed if no one likes my pictures, so I am telling you, don’t be affected. The pictures don’t depict your character. When the camera rolls, the film starts, everything else is different, behind the screen. You will never know who they are, the social influencers, unless you know for real. So don’t think you are not good enough as you are comparing your likes and try to grab attention online.

Love yourself, put yourself in front of everything else. Feeling beautiful comes from within. For all the Keyboard Warriors who like to hurl insults at those who are posting on their own feed. F-off. They do what they want. 🙂


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