Cyber Bullying

I think everyone is very sure what Cyber Bullying is. And that we just didn’t know it is happening around us everyday. It is a pressing issue, and indeed one of the worst consequence of Internet.

Sure, the Internet have brought us limitless benefits we can ever imagine. But there are so much more than just the benefits we have since indulge in. One of which is Cyber Bully. And this is so real. Cyber bully is something we can’t prevent, as compared to physical bully that happen in real life. This can be stopped immediately by on-lookers.


noun: cyber-bullying
  1. the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.
    “children may be reluctant to admit to being the victims of cyberbullying”

While Cyber bully happens when you are at home, hiding behind a screen. (I know, with that said I am also hiding behind a screen). But have you wondered if you are behind that bloody screen and you are actually feeling hurt by reading some nasty comments or whatsoever? Yea, so before you post something nasty, think about it.

So, that also includes Public Shaming, I mean seriously. Especially in Singapore, we have the tendency to trend relationships gone wrong.

Seriously, what a joke.

In case you are wondering what is trend so here’s an example of a story, quite a typical one: Guy A falls in love with Girl A then Guy A ‘cheats’ Girl A money and ran off with Girl B. So Girl A either left heart broken and broke or pregnant.

I know this is a real sad story. (Hey hey, I am all for gender equality okay!) But I know Girl A is going through a tough time, but honestly posting your dirty linen doesn’t help solve your problem. And you expect the public to take sides in insulting the Guy A and ‘take him down’. I don’t need any meaning in this. To be honest.

And then here comes the public who join in the fun to comment and add on, encouraging words are all more than welcomed to encourage the broken hearted. But is there a need to post so much about your personal stuff. It’s so much detail. I know you hurt. But did you all know other side of the story? With all the drama rolling like a snowball. There’s nothing to talk about, everyone hopped on the wagon and scolded the other person. This is a serious cyber bullying too.

Do you all know that a cyber footprint is hard to remove? It will affect a person’s life no matter what. So I urge everyone of you to think before you comment and post something on your social media.


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