Platonic Friendship

Whoever said a male and female can never be best friends with no affectionate love like exploding kind should just bang their head against the walls. (Then there’s another kind where people thought you could never be friends with your ex is another kind of bang-their-heads-against-the-wall group)

I strongly believe there is Platonic Friendships between just different genders. I, for one, enjoy having guy friends companion more than girls.

( Just in my experience, some girls are scheming to the max. And I hate that shit and have no energy to scheme against them. Not that I am not bitchy enough. It is more of, I don’t want to give any f*cks about it. I can be a real bitch if I wanted to.)

So, the feeling of having Platonic Friendship is awesome for these perks

1. You guys take turns to be the older sibling.

I know, it sounds funny. But no, I am a girl, so I will tell you in a girl’s point of view. My guy friends come from different ages, especially the one I am super close with right now is younger than me. No, I did not have to worry even if he is younger than me.

He gives me ‘consultation’ base on man’s point of view, and on my side, I give him the girl’s point of view. We give each other advise that we might have missed out. That’s what older sibling does. Isn’t it?

2. Take turns to help cock block / clam jam each other.

Okay, in case you didn’t know what’s a clam jam, it’s just the female version of cock block. Well cock block meant the guy will help you block any guy coming your way. I mean, I didn’t say it’s always a good thing. But if you needed someone to be your “boyfriend/girlfriend”, a 24/7 shield.

3. He will be strong when you need him to.

He is basically like a body guard when you are during your most vulnerable moments. He will be there if you fall, he will whack any asshole who say you are wrong. But he is logically, like he thinks a lot, he will ensure he doesn’t let you spiral too long. And he doesn’t judge.

4. He never feels offended.

The level of sarcasm is imbalance especially for me. When I shoot out my mouth, it doesn’t stop there. And most people who don’t know me well enough will feel offended 90% of the time. But when guys, they NEVER feel offended. And joins in the sarcasm fight, and we always end up seeing who is more savage. Which is a tons and bazillion more fun where you have to be worried about offending someone.

And I suppose everyone else is like me: Looking for a friend who doesn’t judge you no matter what. And here I am, blessed with a bunch who doesn’t judge me for all the mistakes I have made and slowly, grow with me to understand and not make the same mistakes.

I am thankful for all the guy best friends whom have been there for me.

P.S: I am not implying my girl friends aren’t doing a good job, just that I am explaining about guy best friends. 😉 Cheers.


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