That MatchMaker

Do you have a lot of friends telling you: ” Eh, can you intro girls to me la, so I won’t be single. ”

Sorry to say, but I often feel offended when I hear this sentence. No, I am not jealous. It’s just too inappropriate. Let me explain to you in a girl’s point of view. Or more of my own perspective and thoughts whenever someone tells me that.

  1. I do not have a lot of girlfriends
    This might not come to you guys as a surprise. I do not have many girlfriends. Where do I find one for you. I wish I had enough girlfriends too. But sometimes I find it hard to clique well with some scheming bitches. So the girls I kept close with are minimum with no crazy back stabbing thoughts.
    WELL, at least we don’t kiss and tell. That’s for sure.
  2. I am not a Mamasan
    I know, you are going to say, that wasn’t what guys meant. They meant they just want to widen their social circle. I have heard that shit, multiple times. But I am not selling my girlfriends to you!On the side note, if you are a nice chap, I will bring you to meet my other friends of other circles, so I have no idea why do you keep asking me to bring girls to meet you. IF you met my friends, and you felt like they are good company, I will definitely arrange more meet ups right? So wake up your idea.
  3. I am your friend
    In case you didn’t know what is a friend, go google it. Well, in my point of view, it’s more of a person to be there for you. You don’t call in favors if you are not close to me, cause I most probably will help you and then judge you.
    For those who knew me well. I usually do not reject people. I lend my helping help if needed.
    But always remember I am your friend. Not your matchmaker. I don’t even charge to be your listening ear.

And yes I am single, you don’t see me asking you to intro guys to me right. So guy friends out there, stop doing this to me. I can only be your brother but I can’t be your matchmaker.

Anyone who can totally relate this article to yourself?



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