Things To Do After A Breakup

Breaking up is a tough healing process. No it isn’t going to get better now. It isn’t going to be easy to keep feeling. You will falter, you will break. I swear. But you must know. If you chose to stay at the same spot, feeling sour about it, there’s nothing anyone else can help you.

So here’s my advice. Stay sour for a day. Then go. Go work it out on yourself. Cause after Today, all your failures and bad decisions is all on you. No one else will be blamed. It’s you. And your choice.

#1 Do something productive to your body

Work out, work out everyday. But for me the sole reason was because I was fat in his context, so I wanted to slim down so bloody badly like not because he said so, but because I wasn’t this size before I met him, so I slimmed, from my 70kg to 55kg now, yes I am proud to say I did a good job while at that. I work so hard.

Sweat it all out, when you are in doubt, run, exercise, push up, sweat it all out to the extend you are no longer having the energy to think about him. All you need to do is catch your breathe!

#2 Do something productive to your Intel

Haha, I know it sounds funny, but when during my free time, other than taking out my old textbooks to read up, I actually head out to the neighborhood library to read. I enjoy reading a lot actually, but I am such a loner sometimes I go to the library, grab some marketing books and start reading them, worst part, I did notes to make sure I really did absorb them into my mind.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s the cheapest way to spend time fruitfully, because come on, who stop learning right? Just grab the book and start eating them up!

#3 Spend time with love ones (Family and Friends)

Ever since then, I spent more time with family and friends. I sit outside the living room, I sit by the balcony to chat with my dad and talk about the news, the gossips and etc.

Do I even have to mention about friends? To all the guy friends I have neglected since forever?! I finally get to schedule them to meet up and drink (don’t drink too much, it’s always a bad idea to get drunk) but ya! All my bros I have been back. Seriously. One damn thing I learnt was, never, and I repeatNEVER let go of your best budds no matter what, for my case as mostly are guys, there were jealousy issues therefore I shut them off.

But thanks for being there no matter what, no names needed to be mentioned right. (Winks*)

#4 Pamper yourself

Indulge a little, I know you’re single, why do you need to dress up. Hello? All the more you need to dress up ok? Go eat a little more nice food, go a little extravagant shopping, go for cheap thrills. Learn to spend money on yourself, not him anymore.

#5 Travel alone

I want to do this so badly, but I am sad to say due to the financial crisis I am bloody facing, I am not doing this. But soon I will. I swear. When I do, I will blog all about my travel days alone and who I have met what I have done etc etc.

To all Broken hearted, I hope you are doing fine.
Someday you will be great.


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