Reliving Stress

Everyone have their limit for being pushed and pulled. Work, family, whatever shitty times you have so much to go through.
So here’s my ways of reliving my stress:

1. Meeting My Close Friends

I always meet them, if not possible to meet them, I call them, text them. I need an outlet to rant out my terrible days at work and I need someone to tell me the worst is going to be passing by soon. So yes, meet up your friends or call them when you need a listening ear.
* But always be careful who you rant to, because it might be a backstabber or someone just waiting for you to fall and laugh at your life.

2. Pick Up An Exercise

I know people might think it’s crazy to exercise with the stress you are going through and the time constrain since you spend most of the time trying to sleep it off as work have been so tiring and energy draining. But trust me. Exercising is always a good option.

Blast your ears (or don’t if you don’t enjoy music), go for a short 15 mins run, this is not to lose weight ok! This is to destress yourself as it’s insane to keep up with the work you have been tsunami-ed with. Go run, clear your thoughts, feel your heart race and the sweat trickling down your face. You’ll feel awesome after sitting down after your run, more refreshed then ever. Take a bathe, rest your mind before heading to bed.

3. Write A Journal

Laugh at all you want, but I still keeps my journal. I know, not everyday but I try to. I have been doing that for more than 10 years. But keeping a journal is great as you can have your thoughts written down. No matter what happens, at least you get to keep your own secret. [Especially if you can’t trust people around you.] 

Keep your thoughts penned down.

4. Go Out On Weekends.

Doesn’t mean that if you are so stress you want to sleep more and laze around during the weekends, Go out and have some fun. It can be just heading out to the park for some cycling with friends or anything, coffee run with friends and catch up would be great too. Go have fun, don’t sleep in and waste the whole day, do something productive.




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