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Benefits of being an Introvert

How many of you are introverts. People who tend to be more shy doing social events. I mean is being an introvert only has disadvantages? Less friends, sensitive about most stuff, less information from people, less whatsoever? I highly doubt so! On the other hand, as introverts aren't you sick and tired of extroverts asking… Continue reading Benefits of being an Introvert

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I suppose there isn't a real sentence or word to describe how are emotions are formed and made or whatsoever. I mean there are scientific reasons behind this. But on the other hand. There are a lot of theories on it. While here's Deanna's Theory on Emotions. It is crazy how we react and feel… Continue reading Emotions


Ways To Show Appreciation To Strangers

Never belittle the power of saying Thank You. This is where I read it from HuffingtonPost: The Thanker Produces positive emotional state Increases sense of well being Triggers ‘feel good’ hormones Re-enforces virtuous cycle in your brain The Thankee Feels higher levels of self worth Triggers greater desire to help Thanker Triggers helpful behaviors toward… Continue reading Ways To Show Appreciation To Strangers